Authorized NPO Special Education
Support Center
It is a homepage of NPO corporation supporting children who have troubles about school and study.
First time July 18, 2020 (Sat.)August 29,2020 (Sat.) Children support Miyanoshita
 Second time
Mid or late November 2020 (Sat)
Oyama Kaido Furusatokann Museum (planned)
Co-sponsored with contact experience activities

Tekuno Kawasaki(てくのかわさき)
Third time
January 23, 2021(Sat)

Children support Miyanoshita(planned)
Oyama Kaido Furusatokann Museum (planned)
Co-sponsored with contact experience activities
Free Space 
Open : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday on 10am to 4pm

Would you like to take a rest when your heart breaks?

You can relax and spead time freely

You can chat, read a book, draw pictures, play cards, and you can do various things there.

Sometimes you can enjoy sports such as table tennis and you can also play musical instruments

You can also make vegetables and flowers in the veranda.

And we will proceed your study according to your wishes.

Event date and place
Meeting of parents of child who needs support

Special Education Support Center holds the meetings for the parents whose children cannot go to school and need special support. It is held annually for the parents of elementary and junior high school children in Kawasaki City.

We believe that it is important for the parents and people in relations to understand each other and walk together. Then we can understand and support the children.

We hope that we can deepen our cooperation in the meantime.

Every year parents spend valuable time to exchange information for each other.

Opening Time : 9am to 4pm
Application, Inquiry TEL : 044-755-7602
Asahi-cho 2-1-5, Kawasaki ward, Kawasaki city
Asahicho Children Cultural Center 3F /
Children support Miyanoshita
Children support
Children support
Children support
Parents Support
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Link to the map of Tekuno Kawasaki(てくのかわさき)


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Authorized NPO Special Education Support Center
First pege
Children support Asahicho
This is a comfortable place where various children can feel free to join.
Established in 2010
Japanese room
TEL : 080-2349-4556
First pege
Children Support Minaminogawa is a comfortable place for the children built in the former building of the kindergarten attached to Kawasaki City Minaminogawa elementary school in May, 2009 by the Child Support Room of Miyamae ward Office.

Opening Day : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (open about 190days a year)
Children support Minaminogawa

First pege
Parents’ Meeting ・ Counseling
Children will attend the Children Support Asahicho through the Kawasaki Ward Regional Care Promotional Office. The largest number of the children got the opportunity to the Support Center through their schools. They will take the following courses : visit with their parents interview enter attend

While they attend the office, we will create a system with other related organizations for each child owing to consider the ways to support them if necessary. And then we will share their information and collaborate education and welfare to get maximum effect. The result of collaboration increases their energy to go to school.

Cooperation, collaboration and uniting with other organizations
Children support Asahicho
This is a project commissioned from the Kawasaki Ward Office

You can do it.  Let’s start with a single step.


Children Support Minaminogawa
Annual Events
Regular Interaction of volunteer lecturer :Reading Story Cooking Class
Tea Ceremony Class, Flower Ceremony Class, Gardening Class (at any time)
Various Events : Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Halloween Party
Celebrating Party for graduation and advancement
Meeting for the entrance to high school and the various courses
Kawasaki Ward Regional Care Support Office TEL : 044-201-3210
Children Support Asahicho TEL : 080-2349-4556
Authorized NPO Special Education Support Center TEL : 044-877-0553
I can’t find  my place  in school.
 The important things
A : To acquire sociality through various experiences
B : To obtain a positive attitude to study on their own
C :To be an emotionally rich through contact with people and nature
Children support Miyanoshita
Would you like to join us?

Basically one-to-one
TEL : 044-877-0553
Opening Time : weekday 9am~5pm


Contact us
Every Monday to Friday (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, New Year holidays are closed)
As a general rule, 9am~5pm (finish at 6pm)
We will set study time after consultation.
First,we have an interview with the children and their parents. And then, we will decide how to proceed the study.


People who have worked at Kawasaki City School for many years will mainly support children according to each child.
We support the children who cannot go to school even want to go and who cannot make a relationship at school with all our heart.


Related organizations List
We provide a place for the children who have various problems.  Also we support them and their parents (individually, about study and daily life).


We provide counseling services for children and parents.
First pege
Children can attend with their parents if they feel uneasy. At that occasion parents can take counsel about the trouble of child care and family problem.

We will hold Parents Meeting four times a year. Parents may be able to get a hint of reducing worries and anxiety through the meetings.

Comfortable place for the children
\3,000 per month as a support fund if you agree with us


Kawasaki City General Education Center
Special Education Support Center
Child Counseling Center
Watch and Support Center (in each ward and area)
Development Counseling Support Center